EAZY: the compact oven!

EAZY oven, measured to the size of your business: if space is an issue, EAZY oven will help you!
Eazy oven is ideal both in a small kitchen and in a large one, when small quantities are needed.

Small portions at any time.
Ideal for side dishes, steam cooking, bakery, holding and small portions. The Eazy Zanussi Professional ovens combine the features of convection cooking with the support of humidity in the chamber.
Differentiated cycles for different kinds of cooking 99 storable recipes. USB connection and data management.

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chips & fish

Health frying! How?

With High Productivity Fryers!
If you want to prepare healthy, fried food always control: Oil temperature, time throughout and the frying process!

ZANUSSI PROFESSIONAL helps by offering a complete set of tools to slow down oil degradation/oxidation during cooking, during oil filtering and during idle periods and standby.

ZANUSSI PROFESSIONAL helps by offering fryers with specific features to manage and control time in the most precise way. Zanussi Professional automatic fryers automatically adjust cooking time according to the quantity of product loaded thanks to the automatic load compensation function. Zanussi Professional automatic basket lifting system ensures the cooking cycle terminates when necessary.

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