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Optima is extremely flexible, as a result of its modularity and the endless customized options available.

Designed to be functional: the steel and glass structure leaves Optima bacteria free. It makes all food shine, strategically placed led or halogen lighting to optimize quality. Perfect visibility thanks to the minimal glass overshelves structures.

Deep cleaning made easy and hygiene that lasts. Hygiene standards are never compromised with quartz and stainless steel surfaces. Cleaning is fast and hygiene is assured.

Quartz is not only a contemporary design trend, but it also lasts without loosing shine and lust.

Save money helping the environment. Thanks to the innovative ventilation system, the new revolutionary Bain Marie assures up to 90% energy savings during warm up and up to 35% energy savings during operation.

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Idea is the solution that meets many needs. Breakfasts in hotels, business canteens, self service restaurants: Idea is amazing for its flexibility of use.

The structure is mounted on fixed feet or on wheels and can be adapted as desired and with a very wide range of finishes, to create innovative spaces or adapt perfectly to existing furniture.

Show off all your creativity, involving your guests and customers with all senses. And with the deepest hygiene and cleaning, first of all!

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Idea excels in school canteens, ideal for students, teachers and operators.

With Idea Junior the service becomes smooth and aesthetically remarkable with unparalleled hygiene. The canteen space gains clarity and performance, with new charm and comfort thanks to design solutions, with many configurations and color choices.

For kindergartens and primary schools, Idea Junior gets smaller without losing quality! For the little ones’ canteens, Idea Junior keeps all its characteristics of excellence and quality, but also offers the child’s height (75 cm) option. Thanks to this choice, the perfect lighting and enviable color range, each canteen will become a place of well-being and shared pleasure.

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Discover your Optima

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An easy fit, even in pre-furnished spaces

Quartz  lasts without loosing shine and lust. It can be used for countertops, tray sliders and plate spaces.

Select from 10 different quartz options or stainless steel from our Planner.*

* for even more choices contact your local Zanussi Professional dealer

Optima visibility

Optimum visibility and hygiene

With its inclined shelves, levelled display and led lights, it gives perfect food visibility.

The steel and glass structure with clean lines, no clips or interlocking pieces means that dirt cannot get trapped, leaving Optima bacteria free.

Optima - Cleaning

Easy deep cleaning, Hygiene lasts

Smooth tray sliders. The steel lines of the slider are made so that food does not get trapped making it very easy to keep clean.

Easy drop-in functions. Levelled drop-in functions with the countertop means less dirt. Linear glass overshelves: without clips or interlocking pieces the linear, glass overshelf design makes cleaning easy and keeps hygiene standards high.

Optima - nature

From the Nature

Being a natural mineral, Quartz is also a perfect choice in keeping high levels of hygiene on countertops.

Thanks to its non porous and compact structure it does not harbor bacteria and it is easy to clean without the use of chemicals or detergents.


Make use of the Planner

The Zanussi Professional Planner* has revolutionized design planning. With over 30,000 possible combinations, you have a full list of all elements you need to create your optimum servery.

Choose from your pre-selected package. Customize and tailor to your environment, among bases, tray sliders, overshelf structures, lights, countertop & tray slider materials, from and side panels options and drop-in functions.

* for even more choices contact your local Zanussi Professional dealer

Discover your Idea

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Hot, cold or hybrid

For every kind of food, Idea provides you the solution ready for the best food storage,
offering three different options:

  • Warm
  • Cold
  • Hybrid
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Natural or colored wood finishes.
The aesthetic possibilities are countless, to customize and
make more comfortable every environment.
It can be personalized by choosing the kind
of features that meet your needs.


Ideal cleaning

No barrier in the structure makes cleaning operations
easier and faster, thus assuring unequaled hygiene. Thanks to the simple,
glass structure with smooth, level clips, food and dust no longer get trapped.
Only infinite freshness in the spotlight.



Zanussi Professional offers different kinds of stainless steel overshelves assuring you
the optimum food visibility for traditional and free flow service requirements.
Make your choice!

“A” shaped Curved glass on the overshelf for maximum food visibility and hygiene barrier
A” shaped Flat glass Elegant overshelf for faster service
Lshaped Flat glass overshelf for a sharpler splash of design

“A” shaped solutions ideal for island servery
“L” shaped solutions ideal for operator service



LED lights have countless advantages compared to the fluorescent ones.
The most recent studies tell us that lighting contributes to enhancing food and make it not only
more attractive, but even more delicious.
The importance of lighting is fundamental.
Idea offers effective solutions with LED technology, saving energy costs and
making your food even more appealing.



A comfortable and wide tray slider with two options: at counter top level
or the lower version, depending on the preferences or
habits of your customers.



Great flexibility thanks to stationary feet or self-locking wheels.
Which is your service Idea?



Save money helping the environment

Discover the new revolutionary Bain Marie thanks to the innovative ventilation system.
Air-operated Bain Marie implies no more water!
In this way operating costs are reduced. Installation is simpler and fast, while maintenance requires minimal time.

Save up to

Up to 90% energy saving during warm up
Up to 35% energy saving during operation!


The latest generation of professional cooling functions uses natural Hydrocarbons (HC) gases, such as the R290 which has very low Global Warming Potential and reduces the greenhouse effect.

**Ventilated Air Bain Marie consume daily €2 less energy than Water Bain Marie. – Energy cost is calculated for 6 GN Bain Marie Ventilated vs Bain Marie Water with 0,21 €/kWh.


COLD functions: Cold food Display cabinet

For all cold dishes, Zanussi Professional offers the ideal solution both for storage and for display.
The showcase with refrigerated top puts show off all your culinary creativity thanks to the great visibility on the four sides and studying the arrangement of interior lighting.
The shelves can be flat or inclined with on-site adjustment.


Cold Well functions

The cold built-in functions guarantee an ideal temperature thanks to the uniform distribution and the ventilation speed, assuring constant and uniform cool temperature distribution.

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