In 1916 ZANUSSI Professional released its first wood stove, that made cooking easier and quicker. Today, more than 100 years later, our induction hobs get you cooking straight away.

Modular Cooking offers a range of high-powered appliances for your kitchen, which allows the organization of an ideal work area and guarantees reliability and excellent performance over time, in accordance with the strictest safety standards.

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The compositions are more or less unlimited and each one will undoubtedly meet your needs. ZANUSSI Professional has managed to combine tradition and innovation to achieve unbeatable results in terms of performance, sturdiness and power savings.

Our engineers collaborate with chefs and technicians to define exactly what the features will be of an ever more reliable and easy-to-use and easy-to-clean products.

All types of cooking become faster, while heat dispersion is almost completely eliminated, thanks to the high technology cooking surfaces.

Our consultants can recommend the best machine, with the most efficient services and which best adjusts to the customer’s work project specifications. The after-sales service has an extensive presence and is fast and efficient.


Puzzle-full Modular cooking Zanussi Professional

EVOlution coming from tradition: EVO700&900

Tradition that brings innovation.
Heritage that gives birth to growth.

There is no better description to present the new ZANUSSI Evo700 and Evo900 modular cooking ranges.
Both Evo700 and Evo900, the great ZANUSSI Professional modular choice, offer a wide range of cooking solution, top performance, excellent reliability and highly robust: all designed for a kitchen with considerable work loads to be performed quickly and with complete quality control.

ZANUSSI designed its products to meet the real needs of professionals and to ensure the utmost innovation and simplicity in any application.

Flower Flame Zanussi Professional


  • Flower flame is the power of saving: guarantee flexibility and efficiency
  • Flexible performances
  • Maximum levels of power; solidity; efficiency and hygiene
Electric Cooking Zanussi Professional


  • Fast, flexible cooking
  • Solid and stable: sturdiness and solidity are guaranteed by the single piece panels
  • Easy cleaning: cleaning is made easier by the moulded steel surface
Modular cooking Induction Hob Zanussi Professional

Induction HOBS

  • More power: induction guarantees power and delicacy all in one
  • Greater reliability and speed
  • It is easier to clean the glass ceramic hobs
infra-red hob Zanussi Professional


  • Smooth surfaces
  • Fast movements
  • Power and independent control
Fryers Zanussi Professional


  • Power and efficiency
  • Automatic fryer
  • Long lasting oil
grill Zanussi Professional


  • HP grills: speed and savings
  • Work surfaces are made of 2 mm thick stainless steel
  • Radiation heating system to guarantee uniform temperature 
Multi-purpose cooker Zanussi Professional


  • Maximum flexibility
  • Can be used as fry-top, braising pan, boiling pan or bain-marie
  • Uniform distribution of heat
Pasta cooker Zanussi Professional


  • High productivity and guaranteed savings
  • Always constant boiling
  • Automatic and programmable lifting basket system


  • Polished or Brushed Chrome
  • Desired temperature, reached quickly
  • Uniform Heat distribution
  • Minimum heat dispersion
fry top900 Hamburger


  • Uniform heating and consistent cooking results
  • Better energy containment
  • Food Safety guaranteed (European Food Contact Materials Regulation)
The complete range also includes boiling pans, braising pans, bain-marie, solid tops, neutral tops and bases.

Your mobile culinary station to cook anywhere

Flexibility Zanussi Professional Counters


Your mobile culinary station to cook anywhere.
Fast, delicious food prepared in front of your customer.
Comfortable to use and odor-free.

Vertical or horizontal models with 1 or 2 zones. Hermetic cooking surfaces in resistant 4mm-thick glass-ceramic. Fast and easy to clean as surfaces are completely smooth.

Easy cooking station
Easy cooking station Zanussi Professional

Easy station

  • A complete cook station in 1m²
  • your mobile culinary station to cook anywhere
  • Fast and delicious food prepared in front of your customer
  • Comfortable to use and odor-free
  • Customizable front panels
  • Stainless steel side supports to hold 2 GN 1/1 containers
Easy cooking tops Zanussi Prodessional

Easy Tops

  • The full range includes chrome fry top, induction wok, infrared top and induction top
  • Reduce your running costs and serve dishes in just a few minutes
  • Fast heat up time 
  • Added durability, guaranteed by completely sealed heavy duty ceramic glass cooking surface
  • Smooth surfaces and rounded corners make cleaning operations extremely fast and easy
  • Robust construction in stainless steel avoids the risk of corrosion

Powerful appliances for faster service

check mark Zanussi Professional

Snack 600 range

Snack 600: small spaces for great results

Today more than ever before, the design of a kitchen must take into account the requirements of each individual customer because for each client there is a different problem to deal with and therefore a different solution to propose.

The SNACK 600 line meets the customers’ needs: modularity, combinability offering a comprehensive range, specialized functions and above all perfect hygiene.

Snack 600 Zanussi Professional

Unique Cooking Top: AS YOU LIKE IT!

EVO900 Unique Block

Sturdiness, hygiene and customization

Zanussi Professional presents the EVO900 Unique Block.

STURDINESS The utmost reliability in withstanding pressure, force, or stress during peak hours in any kitchen environment is guaranteed by the Unique top design of the EVO900
For an even better stability a reinforced stainless steel basement is available on request.
The unique top, entirely made in Aisi 304 stainless steel, has a high corrosion resistance level to most oxidizing acids and salt sprays.

CLEANABILITY & HYGIENE Cleaning operations are even simpler thanks to the pressed worktop with smooth rounded corners, together with the Unique top, assuring the maximum hygiene!
There is also the possibility to choose also the H2 pass-through hygienic bases.

Make your own unique cooking block!
Choose among the wide selection of electric cooking functions available and among the various options:

  • Different colors for side panels and kicking strips
  • One-piece handrails
  • One-piece portioning shelves
  • Personalized operating side
  • Dedicated accessories to make your life easier: plugs, salamander supports, water columns and utensil sinks

Powerful appliances for faster service

high productivity Zanussi Professional


Lean workflows are strategic for canteens preparing thousands of meals per day.

ZANUSSI Professional understands your challenges and helps you to optimize and improve your productivity offering you a wide range of cooking solutions:

  • Steam and electric boiling pans
  • Stockpot stoves
  • Fryers
  • Salamanders
  • Jet grills
  • Automatic pasta cookers
  • Automatic tilting bratt pans
Miscellaneous Equipment Zanussi Professional

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