Drop-in bain-marie, with one well (2 GN container capacity) 341000

Drop-in bain-marie, with one well (2 GN container capacity)

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  • Electronic overheating protection.

  • CB and CE certifed by a third party notified body.

  • Designed to be positioned in flush installation providing improved cleanability and suitable for modern design installations.

  • Available drop-in dimensions: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 GN.

  • Designed to serve the food in gastronorm containers.

  • Suitable for GN 1/1 containers with a maximum height of 200 mm.

  • Automatic water refill guarantees constant heating performances and prevent unit breakage.

  • Precise temperature control and setting at 0,1°C .

  • As standard the product comes with digitally controlled thermostat which is in line of HACCP norms and provides visual alarm as a warning of the increasing or decreasing temperatures.

  • Designed to work with both hot and cold inlet water.

  • Etched foil heating elements to maximize heat transmission for reduced warm-up times.

  • It is possible to transform one of the GNs to soup dispenser with the available accessory.

  • Food introduced at the correct temperature maintains its core temperature according to Afnor Standards.

  • Heating elements connected to the well bottom include safety thermostat.

  • Well bottom is inclined to facilitate water drainage.

  • IPx4 water protection.

  • Well in 304 AISI stainless steel with rounded corners to facilitate cleaning operations. The well is also equipped with a drain hole.

  • Electronic control with temperature display.

  • 19mm thick rock wool isolated with galvanize sheet guarantees excellent well insulation to reduce energy dispersion.

  • Supply voltage: 220-240 V/1N ph/50/60 Hz
  • Electrical power max.: 2.02 kW
Key Information:
  • External dimensions, Width: 770 mm
  • External dimensions, Height: 260 mm
  • External dimensions, Depth: 620 mm
  • Net weight: 21.4 kg
  • Shipping weight: 32.2 kg
  • Shipping height: 380 mm
  • Shipping width: 660 mm
  • Shipping depth: 810 mm
  • Shipping volume: 0.2 m³
  • Set temperature: +85 / +95 °C
  • Noise level: 0 dBA
  • Water inlet "CW" connection: 1/2"
  • Drain line size: 1"

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