ZANUSSI Professional, Italy’s leading brand in the production and distribution of professional solutions for the Hospitality and Restaurant sectors, has been selected as the Official Technical Sponsor of the Italian Pavilion for Expo 2015, the global event that kicks off May 1, 2015.

ZANUSSI Professional plays an important role in the key restaurant of the Italian Pavilion, which this year is playing the double role of participant and host country, with the goal of enhancing Italian specialties and the underlying theme of Expo 2015: “Feeding the Planet. The energy of Life”.

The brand could only be recognized as the leader in a context so close to its core products. Food, cooking, and food storage are some of the main themes of the event, coincidentally representing the areas of maximum specialization, which have led ZANUSSI Professional to be selected as the technical partner of an event of global importance.

ZANUSSI Professional has supplied its best-in-class kitchen appliances to the Peck Restaurant, representing Italian cuisine at its best in terms of quality, reliability, traceability, and processing.
ZANUSSI Professional technical knowledge and Peck cuisine come together to represent the best of Italian tradition and to show visitors of the Italian Pavilion, visiting from all over the world, how Italy’s technological industry and culinary culture have allowed the ZANUSSI PROFESSIONAL brand, and all of Italy, to stand out internationally.
Zanussi Professional has combined resources with Peck to make it possible to live a unique experience, a true voyage into the universe of the flavors of Italy through dishes that represent all variations of Italian regional identity.

The Italian Pavilion will be the “port of entry” to Italy in Expo 2015, as well as the stage for Made in Italy, a showcase of the history of our country, where ZANUSSI Professional has been a benchmark since 1916 when young Antonio Zanussi created Officina Fumisteria Antonio Zanussi.
This was the first step towards establishing a brand, which in time grew and became prominent in its sector.
As it grew, it kept its focus on environmental sustainability, working in areas such as manufacture, disposal, and recycling, with the goal of minimizing environmental impact and maximizing the benefits to customers.

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Zanussi Professional @ EXPO 2015