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Wash-Up Control Panel-2 zones 60x20x40cm 641142

Washing system control panel for two zones

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  • Complies with main international certification bodies and is CE marked.

  • Possibility to choose three different washing cycles.

  • Equipped with alarms signaling lack of detergent and tension.

  • Available in various models to guarantee the washing of 1,2, 3 or 4 zones.

  • Pre varnished metal sheet with IP 55 water protection external covering.

  • Washing cycle divided in two phases: washing phase uses detergent mixed with hot water while rinsing phase uses only water with the possibility of choosing detergent amount.

  • Washing cycles can be programmed daily or weekly with an automatic or manual start set by the operator.

  • Frontal panel equipped with a programmable keyboard containing all the specific functions of washing system and a display showing the current situation of the system.

  • Washing system divided in two sections: electric section (to contain electronic card, fuses, block, relay, main swich) and hydraulic section (to contain detergent pump, float, detergent container, detergent strainer, non return valve).

  • Supply voltage: 230 V/1N ph/50/60 Hz
  • Total Watts: 0.2 kW
Key Information:
  • External dimensions, Width: 600 mm
  • External dimensions, Height: 400 mm
  • External dimensions, Depth: 200 mm
  • Net weight: 15 kg

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