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Integrated Odourless Hood with Fan 6&10 GN1/1 Electric-LW 640797

Integrated odourless hood for ovens 6 GN1/1 and 10 GN1/1, electric

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  • Filtering surface protects against fire hazard.

  • No need for an external exhaust pipe, thus eliminating carpentry costs.

  • Can be used with the AOS 10 1/1E and AOS 6 1/1E (for AOS 61/1E consider the accessories 922195, 922196 and 922197 if the installation is not on table).

  • Easily cleanable in a dishwasher thanks to the smooth surfaces.

  • System guarantees correct suction as well as high energy saving.

  • Selector on front panel optimize energy and water consumption according to the cooking cycle.

  • The easy to remove labyrinth filter provides access to the descaling pipe.

  • Certified to reduce 99% of surrounding odors.

  • The frontal ventilation is activated when the door of the oven is opened.

  • Thanks to a direct software connection to the oven, the hood automatically activates fan power and odor absorption based on real oven activity.

  • The cable connection between the hood and the oven makes possible the communication between them.

  • The hood and the oven are synchronized: the hood switches On/Off when the oven starts/stops; when the door is opened the frontal ventilation activates automatically; based on real oven activity the hood automatically activates Hi/Low fan power an odor absorption.

  • Constructed entirely in 304 AISI stainless steel.

  • Developed and produced in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified factory.

  • Double-click closing catch for oven door to be ordered compulsory for the use of the hood.

  • High speed fan activated by door opening detection system.

  • Filtration system composed of four filters: “Dedalus” Labyrinth filter, water condenser, Catalyst and silica gel filter.

  • Must be installed in a space where normal aeration, according to regulations, is present.

  • Supply voltage: 220-240 V/1N ph/50 Hz
  • Total Watts: 2 kW
Key Information:
  • External dimensions, Width: 895 mm
  • External dimensions, Height: 400 mm
  • External dimensions, Depth: 1290 mm
  • Air capacity: 1500 mc/h
  • Net weight: 90 kg

    When the hood is turned on, the greasy fumes produced by the oven are pressurized by a small electric fan and are moved across the water condenser.
    The sudden temperature change allows for the first degreasing. The water level is controlled by an overflow pipe.
    The air is then conveyed to the heating element which raises its temperature and moves it across the catalyst thus further reducing odours. A safety thermoregulator located on the roof of the hood controls the heating elements. If the temperature exceeds a safe temperature, a sound alarm is activated and the entire machine is switched off. The air is finally moved through a special silica gel filter, located on the top of the hood, and then is discharged in the working area.
    A dedicated selection is available on the hood's side, to be switched to the second position only when using very high emission cycles (e.g. roast chicken).

    If the oven door is opened during cooking, the air is drawn by the main electric fan and moved
    across the labyrinth filters where it is sent at a high speed towards the baffle.
    The positioning of the deflector elements forces the air to change direction several times while in the filter, thus making the large air particles come into contact with the filter elements and capturing them.
    The air is finally moved through a special silica gel filter, located on the top of the hood, and then is discharged in the working area.
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