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More efficiency, less energy consumption for more savings

ZANUSSI Professional refrigeration appliances supply a tailor-made solution to every customer’s need through high-quality components and materials, total food safety, outstanding flexibility and energy efficiency for short payback: quality and reliability at a competitive price, always!

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[com21_heading font_container=”h5″ font_size=”h5″ text_color=””]REFRIGERATED
[com21_heading font_container=”h5″ font_size=”h5″ text_color=””]BLAST CHILLERS[/com21_heading]
[com21_heading font_container=”h5″ font_size=”h5″ text_color=””]ICE MAKERS[/com21_heading]
Puzzle Zanussi Professional Refrigeration
[com21_heading font_container=”h6″ text_color=”” text_align=”text-center” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]Food safety, performance, savings[/com21_heading]
Moneybox Zanussi Professional Refrigeration
[com21_heading font_container=”h6″ text_color=”black” text_align=”text-center” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]MORE SAVINGS[/com21_heading]
NoBacteria Zanussi Professional Refrigeration
[com21_heading font_container=”h6″ text_color=”” text_align=”text-center” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]RISK-FREE STORAGE[/com21_heading]
quality Zanussi Professional
[com21_heading font_container=”h6″ text_color=”” text_align=”text-center” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]GUARANTEED SAFETY[/com21_heading]

The essential features of each Zanussi appliance. Fresh produce stays fresher for longer: reduced costs for kitchen professionals and considerable energy savings.

Savings up to 830 €/year (freezer) 300 €/year (refrigerator).
Calculated using European Ecodesign directive data and comparing class G refrigerators and freezers with equivalent class A refrigerated cabinets.

Easy, accurate cleaning thanks to rounded inner corners of both cell and drawers and easy to remove runners and grids.

Zanussi offers all the solutions you may need: from the smallest ice-maker to the largest cold room. Both tailor-made and popular ready made configurations offer great performances and flexibility.

[com21_heading font_container=”h4″ font_size=”h4″ text_color=”” text_align=”text-center” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]More capacity and best in class in energy efficiency[/com21_heading]
[com21_heading font_container=”h4″ text_color=”” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]HOW TO REDUCE ENERGY LOSS[/com21_heading]

New insulation system; new Active Defrost System; high efficiency components and advanced electronic functions are the key to reduce energy loss.

Zanussi Professional introduces the EUROPEAN ENERGY

  • Verified operating parameters
  • Clear, certified energy
  • Consumption
  • True net capacity

Label complies with Commission Delegated Regulation
(EU) 2015/1094 of 5 May 2015

[com21_heading font_container=”h4″ font_size=”h4″ text_color=”” text_align=”text-center” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]Less bacteria, more preservation[/com21_heading]
blast chillers web
[com21_heading font_container=”h4″ text_color=”” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]BLAST CHILLERS[/com21_heading]

Blast chilling, carried out following the correct time and temperature parameters, prevents the proliferation of bacteria. This extends the shelf life of food. At the end of the blast chilling process, the product can be kept in the refrigerator at +3 °C for 5 or 6 days, in compliance with HACCP standards.

Rapido Chiller, thanks to its innovative technology, preserves the texture, appearance, flavors and nutritional properties of the food. In addition, it improves the safety and organization of your work in the kitchen.

In short, you save energy, gain work hours and reduce waste chilling process.

[com21_heading font_container=”h4″ text_color=”” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]CONNECTIVITY &
MATCH FUNCTION [/com21_heading]

Monitor your blast chiller in real time from any smart device or computer thanks to Zanussi connectivity services.

The data helps you to optimize your production flow and reduce maintenance costs, ensuring that your business runs in line with food safety requirements.

Thanks to the new Match function, you can not only cook&chill but also prove&bake or thaw&cook.

ice cream web
special cycles blast chillers
[com21_heading font_container=”h4″ text_color=”” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]SPECIAL CYCLES FOR GREAT PROFESIONALS[/com21_heading]
  • Ice cream: produced at a temperature of -8/-10 °C. For ice cream display cabinets, the temperature is -14 °C: your ice cream will remain rich and creamy and will not form ice crystals or appear translucent, but always will be delicious.
  • Chocolate Cycle: you can melt or temper chocolate professionally using this special cycle.
  • Controlled proving: manages the production of all your leavened products. Choose when the mixture needs to be baked and Rapido Chiller will have it ready (it automatically adjusts accordingly).
  • Smart Thawing: with the appropriate automatic temperature management and thanks to the Airflow air circulation system, frozen food is brought to the ideal temperature for servicing or cooking.
  • Raw food safety: sushi and sashimi can be served with no problems and no anisakis thanks to blast freezing to -20 °C at the core and holding for 24 hours at the same temperature.
  • Sous-vide: the special cycle for all vacuum preparations.
  • Yogurt: you can produce delicious artisan yogurt thanks to the new controlled fermentation and conservation program, perfect for serving or as an ingredient in sweets and cakes.
  • Beverages Cycle: brings wine and beverages to the perfect temperature.
[com21_heading font_container=”h4″ font_size=”h4″ text_color=”” text_align=”text-center” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]More efficiency, like a cellar[/com21_heading]
Diamond Zanussi Professional
[com21_heading font_container=”h4″ text_color=”” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]REFRIGERATED CABINETS[/com21_heading]

Zanussi NPT Active and NAU Maxi models show the most efficient and innovative professional characteristics:

  • Capacity: Available in 670 and 1430 liters, NPT Active and NAU Maxi models feature 50 liters more compared to an equivalent cabinet. The volume is increased by optimizing the placement of the cooling unit and hidden evaporator.
  • Cleanability: Ergonomically designed runners, supports, grids and rounded corners for easy and safe cleaning operations.
  • Temperature uniformity. The new vertical and horizontal air circulation guarantee best temperature uniformity and excellent food preservation.
NPT Active Zanussi Professional
[com21_heading font_container=”h4″ text_color=”” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]NPT ACTIVE[/com21_heading]
  • Clean-free condenser: the wire-frame condenser does not require periodic maintenance
  • Reduced energy costs with automatic Active Defrost which starts only when necessary and runs for the shortest time possible
  •  3-Chamber balloon gasket to reduce energy loss
  • Large digital display with advanced functions
  • Rounded corners make cleaning faster and simpler
  • LED lights to reduce energy consumption
NAU MAXI Zanussi Professional Refrigeration
[com21_heading font_container=”h4″ text_color=”” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]NAU MAXI [/com21_heading]
  • Clean-free condenser: the wire-frame condenser does not require periodic maintenance
  • New vertical air circulation system
  • Reduced energy loss thanks to a 3-chamber large balloon gasket fully integrated with the door
  • Easy-to-read digital display: symbols and temperatures are clearly visible, even from a distance
  • Rounded interior corners: fast, hassle-free cleaning thanks to rounded corners
  • Front locking: food is even safer with a front key operated lock
WineLine Zanussi Professional
[com21_heading font_container=”h4″ text_color=”” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]AGI SERIES[/com21_heading]
  • Specifically designed refrigerators for fish and wine
  • 400 liters cabinets compact and high performing
  • Eco gas: Zanussi Professional appliances use cyclopentane in their insulation to give far superior performances
  • Easy clean: store food hygienically with easy to clean rounded corners and integrated shelf supports
  • Control panel: easy and precise programming of temperature thanks to the digital control panel
[com21_heading font_container=”h4″ font_size=”h4″ text_color=”” text_align=”text-center” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]A PERFECT BALANCE OF QUALITY & PRICE[/com21_heading]
Flexibility Zanussi Professional Counters
[com21_heading font_container=”h4″ text_color=”” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]REFRIGERATED TABLES[/com21_heading]

The ZANUSSI Professional refrigerated tables integrate the cold storage function with the food preparation function optimizing space and increasing flexibility in the kitchen work flow.
Both refrigerators and freezers are available in several dimensions and door/drawer/worktop configurations.

Zanussi Professional Counters NEW
NPT Active HP tables Zanussi Professional
[com21_heading font_container=”h4″ text_color=”” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]NPT ACTIVE HP[/com21_heading]
  • Class and quality: Climate class 5 and class A energy
    means that food stays fresher for longer even when the external temperature is 40°C
  • Rounded corners and feet make cleaning simpler and more hygienic
  • Customization: modularity equals infinite custom configurations. Perfect alignment with static preparation tables thanks to clever design of sides
  • Store more: 50 liters greater storage capacity compared to similar-sized models on the market
npt au line
[com21_heading font_container=”h4″ text_color=”” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]NPT AU LINE[/com21_heading]
  • Hygiene and maintenance: easy, accurate cleaning thanks to rounded inner corners of both cell and drawers
  • Eco gas: superior, durable insulation using cyclopentane which does not harm the environment
  • NPT AU series has large, bright digital displays with IP65 rating ensuring protection from dust and water jets
Rounded corner Zanussi Professional Refrigeration
[com21_heading font_container=”h4″ text_color=”” text_align=”text-left” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]SALADETTE[/com21_heading]
  • Easy to clean and super hygienic thanks to the rounded inner corners and grid supports
  • Better, long-lasting and pollution-free insulation using cyclopentane gas
  • The 3-digit digital display shows different functions available
  • High or low humidity setting which is simply activated at the touch of a button, ensuring the perfect preservation of different types of food
  • Automatic defrost device which can also be manually activated
[com21_heading font_container=”h4″ font_size=”h4″ text_color=”” text_align=”text-center” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]GUARANTEED SAFETY[/com21_heading]
NoBacteria Zanussi Professional Refrigeration
[com21_heading font_container=”h4″ text_color=”” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]BLAST CHILLERS [/com21_heading]

The ZANUSSI Professional Blast Chillers and Blast Chiller/Freezers are the ideal equipment of modern kitchens where food quality and safety, no food waste and kitchen workflow efficiency are the keywords.

Based on the number of meals served daily, Blast Chillers offer a tailor-made solution for every kitchen to optimize space and time while keeping the quality of the food served as it was just prepared or cooked: just insert the food in the blast chiller, select a chilling or freezing cycle and push Start.

ZANUSSI Professional Blast Chillers and Blast Chiller/Freezers can be fully integrated with the ZANUSSI Professional Ovens and the corresponding Roll-in cabinets sharing the same trolley solutions.

[com21_heading font_container=”h4″ font_size=”h4″ text_color=”” text_align=”text-center” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]ICE CUBES OR FLAKES TO SUIT ALL TASTES[/com21_heading]
check mark Zanussi Professional
[com21_heading font_container=”h4″ text_color=”” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]ICE MAKERS[/com21_heading]

The ZANUSSI Professional ice makers complement the refrigeration range for bars, pubs, hotels, fast food chains and restaurants with both ice cube makers and ice flakes makers.
Tailor-made solutions are available for light and heavy duty sites in terms of ice production per day and footprint needs.
Ice-makers produce ice cubes or flake ice to satisfy your specific needs.

[com21_heading font_container=”h4″ font_size=”h4″ text_color=”” text_align=”text-center” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]EVERY COLD ROOM IS UNIQUE[/com21_heading]
more space Zanussi Professional
[com21_heading font_container=”h4″ text_color=”” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]COLD ROOMS[/com21_heading]

The ZANUSSI Professional cold rooms optimize the space available in kitchens and storage areas thanks to the all-inclusive solutions delivered in one shot to be assembled on-site.
The mini-cold room range covers the most requested configurations, still allowing the possibility of customization, re-layout and upgrading of the cold room itself.

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