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[com21_heading font_container=”h3″ text_color=”” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]A WASHING SYSTEM TAILOR-MADE TO YOUR NEEDS[/com21_heading]
The new ZANUSSI Professional dishwashers assure perfect rinsing and washing results for crockery and cutlery and optional performances in any working condition.

In the ZANUSSI Professional dishwashers range, both traditional machines and new Active appliances are reliable, safe and simple to use and also guarantee the highest hygiene level with a low consumption of water and energy.

Zanussi Professional Dishwashing Systems
[com21_heading font_container=”h6″ text_color=”” text_align=”text-center” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]Complete range
of washing systems[/com21_heading]
Quality and quantity Zanussi Professional Dishwashing system
[com21_heading font_container=”h6″ text_color=”” text_align=”text-center” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]INTENSE
easy cleaning Zanussi Professional Ovens
[com21_heading font_container=”h6″ text_color=”” text_align=”text-center” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]SAFER HYGIENE[/com21_heading]
[com21_heading font_container=”h6″ text_color=”” text_align=”text-center” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]Better Environment[/com21_heading]

ZANUSSI Professional offers a complete range, from the most essential systems to more complex ones that are easy to use and offer superior performance.

ZANUSSI Professional dishwashers offer quality and quantity for unbeatable
washing results.

A ZANUSSI Professional dishwasher focuses on hygiene to assure high safety levels.

The best working environment is guaranteed by an insulated double wall door that reduces noise and heat dispersion.

[com21_heading font_container=”h3″ text_color=”” text_align=”text-center” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]a space saving multi-purpose Washer[/com21_heading]
Active ZANUSSI Professional Dishwashing
[com21_heading font_container=”h4″ text_color=””]FRONT LOADING

Constructed using only high quality components and materials Zanussi Professional dishwashers ensure a complete rinse quality of crockery and cutlery and optimal performances in any working condition.

The Guaranteed Rinse System, in all Active dishwashers, provides a perfect and safe rinsing, as the quantity and temperature of the water is always correct. Thanks to the innovative technology, Zanussi Professional guarantees a perfect combination between washing performance and respect towards the environment, assuring low running costs.

Insulated manual hood type dishwasher Zanussi Professional
Hygienix-700x601 web
[com21_heading font_container=”h4″ text_color=”” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]Hygienix – Undercounter and Hood Type [/com21_heading]
  • Guaranteed disinfection: the locking mechanism of the undercounter door prevents the washing cycle from being interrupted
  • Security under control: you can check the temperature even remotely and monitor it 24/7
  • Low consumption: rinse water: 3 liters / cycle (compliant with DIN 10512), 4 liters / cycle (conforming to AO 60).
[com21_heading font_container=”h4″ text_color=”” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]Hood Type [/com21_heading]
  • Guaranteed rinse: the water keeps a constant temperature of 84°C while the pressure remains regular
  • The Energy Saving Device preheats the incoming cold water thus saving up power and eliminating the steam emission in the washing area
  • Incorporated detergent dispenser to facilitate installation and control
[com21_heading font_container=”h4″ text_color=”” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]Front loading dishwashers[/com21_heading]
  • High Rinse System quality
  • All-purpose utensil washer for plates, cutlery and glasses.
  • Ergonomics and loading ease
[com21_heading font_container=”h4″ text_color=”” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]Undercounters [/com21_heading]
  • Perfect sanitation  ACTIVE Guaranteed Rinse System
  • Optimal results and easy operation
  • Maximum flexibility and long-lasting reliability
  • Savings730 euro/year*


* Cost savings are calculated by Electrolux Professional Lab which is accredited by UL and Intertek.
Comparison made between Undercounter Dishwasher and an equivalent conventional machine
using 3.5 liters/cycle per rinsing, 70 cycles/day, 300 annual working days, 15 °C inlet water.

03 glasswashers
[com21_heading font_container=”h4″ text_color=”” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]Glasswashers [/com21_heading]
  • Flexibility and best Performance
  • Hygiene guaranteed by GRS (Guaranteed rinse system)
  • Better washing results thanks to Continuous Water Softener
  • Savings assured
[com21_heading font_container=”h3″ text_color=”” text_align=”text-center” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]large scale ease[/com21_heading]
Diamond Zanussi Professional
[com21_heading font_container=”h4″ text_color=””]MULTI-RINSE RACK TYPE DISHWASHERS[/com21_heading]

Multi-rinse Rack Type Dishwashers are ideal for heavy usage installation such as hotels, restaurants, canteens, hospitals and nursing homes.
The range is entirely built on a stainless steel subframe.
The ZANUSSI Modular rack type dishwashing range combines:

  • Superior strength
  • Top washing performances
  • Easier cleaning
  • Substantial cost savings thanks to the reduction in water, detergent and energy consumption.
Rack Type Zanussi
[com21_heading font_container=”h4″ text_color=”” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]Dual rinse Rack type [/com21_heading]
  • Advanced filtering system ensuring washing results
  • Detergent efficiency
  • Proper rinsing pressure for optium hygiene
  • Less energy consumption, more efficiency
  • Complying with DIN 10510
  • Easier cleaning and maintenance
single rinse dw
[com21_heading font_container=”h4″ text_color=”” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]Single Rinse Rack Type [/com21_heading]
  • Highly efficient: Real rack efficiency on water and energy consumption. The wash pumps are therefore activated only when there’s at least one rack in the wash zone.
  • Easy to clean: thanks to deep drawn pressed tank with fully rounded corners and water tight solution.
  • Powerful wash and rinse: perfect washing and rinsing result on compact dimension.
Baskets for rack type Zanussi Professional
[com21_heading font_container=”h4″ text_color=”” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]Handling systems[/com21_heading]
  • Wide range of products: curves; scrapping / sorting clearance tables; basin conveyors; dishwasher & machine driven turntables; automatic loaders and roller conveyors
  • The highest standards of hygiene are guaranteed by the smooth surfaces, the inclined tank bottoms and the possibility to remove the rollers. The system is ideal for installations up to 3,000 plates per hour.
[com21_heading font_container=”h3″ text_color=”” text_align=”text-center” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]quality and flexibility[/com21_heading]
Flexibility Zanussi Professional Counters
[com21_heading font_container=”h4″ text_color=”” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]pot&pan washers[/com21_heading]

Optimal washing results are guaranteed by Pot&Pan Washers’ excellent performance and high standards of quality as well as being extremely flexible to use.

The washing circuit, with its self-draining pump, has been designed to drastically reduce water pressure losses and remove even more dirt.

Pot&Pan wahers Zanussi Professional
[com21_heading font_container=”h3″ text_color=”” text_align=”text-center” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]EASY IDENTIFICATION: EACH FUNCTION HAS ITS OWN COLOR[/com21_heading]
Before-and-after-sales Zanussi Professional
[com21_heading font_container=”h4″ text_color=”” text_uppercase=”uppercase”]Baskets and water treatments[/com21_heading]

Keeps performance levels of your dishwasher at the highest level with original water treatment.

The accessories meet all loading requirements. Ergonomic, coloured for immediate recognition, functional.

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