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EasySteamPlus Ovens

What makes the EasySteamPlus so unique?

Zanussi Professional is able to continuously provide software updates that can offer chefs all around the world new and innovative solutions that are aimed at making life in the kitchen easier. This is thanks to an extensive amount of customer insight and research activities that are carried out by the Zanussi Professional Ovens' team. One of the benefits of owning an EasySteamPlus combi oven is the possibility of updating its software.

Programmable Combi oven with automatic cooking and automatic cleaning system

Just one single touch on the high-definition screen is all it takes to manage a variety of functions, cooking modes, temperatures and time settings: all simplified into user-friendly icons and images.

Any recipe can be easily created just with the touch on the screen - no knobs and no buttons. Simplicityuser-friendlinessintuitivity and completeness are part of Zanussi Professional philosophy.

The software menu gives the possibility to choose from 30 different languages, which means that the oven can be used all over the world and with a multi-cultural staff.

All the icons and images are easily recognized world-wide. The search menu is simple and the pop-up menus explain all the features in a clear way.

The oven has three different cooking modes: automatic, programs and manual.


Ensuring food safety is also a simple procedure: the Food Safe Program acts as a supervisor which guarantees food safety even when cooking at low temperature, just press the Food Safe Control, choose the food safety category, insert the probe and the oven will do the rest.

When the cooking cycle is finished a green flag appears if the food has reached the HACCP safety level, otherwise a red cross will be displayed, if the food has not reached it yet. HACCP data can be saved to your PC with the use of an USB key without any additional softwares.

The EasySteamPlus ovens blend these state-of-the-art technological features with the ones coming from Zanussi's extensive experience, such as the humidity control, the evenness in cooking, the steam generator, the 6-sensor probe and the authomatic cleaning system.





EasySteamPlus - 3 cooking modes

Intuitive and simple to use, now more than ever: this revolutionary oven allows any user to set all the parametres in a matter of seconds, in addition to the large touch screen display can be clearly visible even from a great distance.

Created to operate in three different cooking modes for maximum flexibility:

  • automatic programs for untrained staff
  • recipe programs for catering and banqueting
  • manual mode for the most creative and professional chefs

Your final cooking results are assured thanks to the Lambda sensor for real humidity control, the LTC program for reduced weight loss and the bi-functional fan for cooking evenness.


EasySteamPlus - The automatic cleaning system

The automatic cleaning system in the EasyLine ovens makes cleaning operations extremely easy. It is integrated directly in the oven so there is no need for any extra operations to begin the procedure. Thanks to the automatic stand by mode, it is not necessary to wait until the end of the cleaning cycles: just select the program and the oven will work instead of you. Choose from 4 pre-set cycles depending on residue level: from 32 up to 110 minutes, without necessary waste of detergent or water.