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EasySteam Ovens

The Zanussi Professional EasySteam ovens guarantee ease of use, safety of the cooking process and the highest food quality, all at the same time.

Thanks to the innovative functions of the EasySteam ovens, you can have a perfect level of humidity for all types of cooking and uniform heat distribution, with constant and exact control of the actual humidity and temperature through the control panel.

The cooking evenness is always guaranteed thanks to the curved blades of the bi-functional fan which move the hot air to every corner of the cooking chamber.

The automatic cleaning system allows you to focus all of your energies on cooking without having to worry aboutany cleaning: just select the cleaning function and the oven does the work.

The Food Probe sets the desired core temperature, and the EasySteam stops the cooking when the target core temperature is reached.

The high performing dedicated steam generator guarantees a continuous supply of steam at all times.

The automatic scale diagnosis system detects and notifies of any scale build-up; the double glass door protects you from scalds and at thesame time makes cleaning operations extremely easy and collects all drippings, preventing slippery floors.