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Self Service

Dynamic, customizable and adaptable

Zanussi Professional offers you a wide range of solution for the meal distribution.


The Self-Service Fit System is a dynamic, versatile and elegant solution to the problem of meal distribution in modern food service.


In hotels and restaurants, any organization or distribution problem can be solved in the shortest time possible.

The Fit System is not just versatile, it’s also reliable and sturdy, thanks to the stainless steel structure.

ActiveSelf: innovative in its functionality, design and flexibility, ease of use, cleaning and installation are the peculiarityof this range.

 It consists of units made entirely from stainless steel: hot, cold, neutral and display units for conserving, displaying and distributing food in the best possible way. 

Self Service Flexi System is an easily adaptable solution with compact dimensions to solve the problems of food servery in any location (cafeterias, canteens, restaurants, schools, resorts, etc.).

With a modern design and the curved tempered glass display cases to show to the best of your food.