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Dough mixers

The spiral dough kneader produced by Tuttopizza Zanussi Professional has all the features you need to quickly create large quantities of perfect dough, as and when required.


Performance levels are guaranteed thanks to its powerful motor, high capacity bowl and high kneading speed. Consequently, ingredients are always perfectly blended together, creating dough which is smooth and even; also ensuring constant temperature throughout the entire process.


Hot and Cold Moulders

Hot moulders use a practical and fast system (up to 400 pizzas an hour), which will spread your dough (up to 52cm in diameter), according to your requirements, in a matter of seconds. Once the pizza disk hasbeen formed, and thanks to the leavening caused by contact with the hot surfaces, you can simply add your toppings and place it in the oven.


The cold mould allows you to consistently create pizzas with the perfect shape, borders and thickness.

The rollers knead the dough using the same techniques used when working by hand, resulting in considerable savings in terms of time and specialised labor, while offering high volumes of output per hour.