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Refrigerators and Freezers

The refrigerated cabinets NPT Active and NAU Maxi have been realized for the customer who pays attention to quality and energy efficiency.

This appliance has been designed for the preservation of food and therefore guarantees the core value of every kitchen.


400 liters (AGI series) The 400 liter refrigerated cabinets of the AGI series are ideal for small spaces and allow you to obtain professional performance.

The AGI cabinets are available with positive and negative temperature and freezer. Wine and fish versionsare also available.


160 liters (AG series)
The 160 liter models are available in both undercounter or freestanding versions.

A full range of refrigerator or freezer solutions with solid or glass doors for an eye-catching display. The interior space is optimized and easy to clean thanks to the rounded corners.


Roll-in/Pass-Through Cabinets The Roll-in and pass-through refrigerated cabinets are specifically designed to accommodate the trolleys of ovens and blast chillers, thus meeting the needs of high productivity kitchens. The cabinets are compatible with most of the trolleys on the market and allow to optimize the workflow in the kitchen.



Zanussi Professional welcomes the first mandatory European wide energy labelling for professional refrigerators and freezers.

Starting from July 2016 the energy labelling ensure a stronger efficiency and performance for its customers to drive environmentally friendly business, as well as to provide an accurate and comparable classification based on energy consumption and the capability to perform efficiently within different environmental conditions.

Nuova etichetta energetica, consumi energeticiENERGY CLASS AND YEARLY CONSUMPTION

Nuova etichetta energetica, condizioni di lavoro WORKING CONDITIONS

Nuova etichetta energetica, volume netto di stoccaggio NET VOLUME