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Refrigerated and Freezer counters

Zanussi Professional refrigerated tables are designed to combine the double function of a worktop and a refrigerated counter. This versatility allows outstanding savings in kitchen space while offering functional and modular solutions.

Easy interior cleaning is guaranteed by rounded corners and smooth surfaces. The cooling unit on models PTE Active, PT3 and Saladette is completely removable; in the AU refrigerated tables, the unit is mounted on rails and can be removed.

The refrigerated tables have self-closing doors with reversible and removable drawers with telescopic runners in AISI 304 stainless steel and holes for better ventilation. All models feature ergonomic built-in handles.

The refrigerated tables are also suitable for operation at temperatures of +43 °C and are therefore able to provide excellent performance even in extreme climatic conditions.



PTE Active


Refrigerated and freezers tables, all compatible with GN 1/1 grids. Worktops available with or without splashback. Wide range of door/drawer combinations. Completely constructed in AISI 304 stainless steel, including bottom and rear panels.


Temperature probes The new ACTIVE electronic control panel ensures food safety in any condition, even in case of failure of one of the two internal temperature probes. The devices of this seriesare equipped with two probes, the first measuring the cell temperature and the second the evaporator. If one of the two probes fails, an alarm will appear on the display.





PT3 Refrigerated Tables


The PT3 refrigerated tables, thanks to their modularity and flexibility of use, are able to meet customer’s needs by offering a high level of technology and innovation.

Temperature probes The models of this series are equipped with two probes, the first measuring the temperature of the cell and the second the one of the evaporator.

Flexibility The support structure grids can be removed quickly allowing full access to the cell for cleaning. Modularity is another important feature of these tables: you can easily customize them by replacing the structure with the doors and drawers.





AU Refrigerated Tables




The AU refrigerated tables include several models with different capacities and with integrated or remote refrigeration units to offer excellent results in terms of quality and price.








The Saladette refrigerated tables are ideal for storage and preparation of salads and sandwiches.