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Cold Rooms

Cold Rooms

Cold rooms: modular, quick-mounting with direct coupling of the vertical and horizontal panels. Available in several configurations, square or rectangular, customized versions, presents a wide range of one-piece refrigeration units, wall, ceiling, and remote splits, positive temperature and freezer.


The ZANUSSI Professional cold rooms optimize the space available in kitchens and storage areas thanks to the all-inclusive solutions delivered in one shot to be assembled on-site. The mini-cold room range covers the most requested configurations, still allowing the possibility of customization, re-layout and upgrading of the cold room itself.


High flexibility in the layout configuration: the modular design of the cold rooms allows to replace, upgrade or move the cooling unit freely, thanks to the universal support panels.


Hygiene and food safety are guaranteed by rounded inner and outer corners, NF and NSF approved aluminum shelving, compatible with GN 1/1 trays, rounded handle and silicone-free joints for quick cleaning. HACCP compliance is guaranteed by visible, printable, recordable and remote temperature alarms.


Performance: all cooling units included in the mini-cold rooms range, guarantee either -2°C or -21 °C at +43°C ambient temperature both in built-in or split configurations.