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Easy Cooking

Induction cook Tops

Reduce your running costs! and serve dishes in just a few minutes thanks to the fast heat up time of induction.

Added durability, guaranteed by completely sealed heavy duty ceramic glass cooking surface (4 mm thick) and smooth surfaces and rounded corners make cleaning operations extremely fast and easy!

Robust construction in stainless steel avoids the risk of corrosion.



Infrared cook Tops

Two independent double spiral ring heating zones assure energy efficiency.

The most flexible cooking top: there are no pan restrictions, stainless steel, copper, cast iron or mild steel pans.

Heavy duty stainless steel construction ensures long life and protects against corrosion.

Cleaning is fast and easy thanks to the roundededges and completely sealed ceramic glass cooking surface (4 mm thick).

Extremely versatile, with 2 double spiral cooking zones (diam. 220 mm each) either lengthwise or crosswise, can fit even in the most compact spaces.




Different kinds of foods can be seared, grilled and fryed at the same time without the risk of mixing flavors.

Hard chrome plated steel cooking surface provides minimal heat dispersion.

Grease collection tray positioned in the front of the appliance for easy cleaning of oils and residue.

Splash guard on three sides protects surrounding areas from splashing grease.