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EVO900 EVOlution comes from tradition

Tradition that brings innovation, heritage that gives birth to growth, evolution that comes from tradition, there is no better description to present the new Zanussi EVO900 modular cooking ranges. 

The new product lines by Zanussi certainly aren't created by chance. Zanussi designed its product to meet the real needs of professionals and to ensure the utmost innovation and simplicity in any application.

The new EVO900 modular cooking ranges are no exception. These outstanding lines of multifunctional, modular, complimentary and compact appliances fit perfectly into any kitchen, with modern designed components for reliability and ease of operation.

You can view a sneak peak of the new functions to excite the most intensive professional users, while at the same time helping to protect the environment and ensuring the highest performance and efficiency.


The EVO cooking range guarantees:

  • low energy consumption and efficiency and energy savings
  • simplicity of use
  • high productivity



Convection Oven from EVO900   Pastacooker from EVO900   Braising Pan from EVO900


Flexible and powerful. Cooking times are reduced up to 50%, compared to a traditional static oven and can work with 2 trays simultaneously.



Versatile and high performing, thanks to the "energy control" for gas models, the infrared heating system for the electric odels and the "energy   saving device" for the refilling of the well with hot water.



Multipurpose and easy to use. Wet or dry cooking of large quantities thanks to the Duomat cooking surface, guaranteeing uniform cooking temperature, the new gas or electric heating system and thethermostatically controlled temperature ranging from 120°C to 300°C.